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Presented by Takuto YANAGIDA.
Updated: January 12, 2012.


Anvics (analysis and visualization of constraint satisfaction problems) is a tool for researchers, novice users, and practitioners to observe the behavior of solvers for fuzzy constraint satisfaction problems (FCSPs). The feature of the tool is sophisticated animation help you comprehend the behavior of the solvers. In this site, you can download the tool written in Java and try it freely on your PCs.

Version:0.6 (27 October, 2009)
Platforms:The runtime environment Java 6 or later
License:NYSL Version 0.9982 (C. Copyrighted to YANAGIDA, Takuto.)

How To Execute

  1. Install the latest Jave runtime environment,
  2. Download anvics.jar, and
  3. Execute the file by double clicking the file and it runs.

Quick Instruction

  1. Firstly, create a new problem. By clicking menu `File'->`New', a dialog box is shown, and you can create with some parameters specified the following problems:
  2. Secondly, have a solver solve the problem. By clicking menu `Solve' -> `Solve', you can apply solvers to it selecting from: